How can I get a Caste & Income Certificate on my mobile?


A few years ago, it would take months to get the caste and income certificate. However, the government has implemented the facility of getting caste and income certificate online, you can get caste and income certificate online in just 5 minutes.

Yes, the government has implemented this system to avoid the menace of middlemen, caste and income certificate can be obtained through computer or mobile phones within minutes. If you have a ration card number, you can now get caste and income certificate online instantly.

25 fee is fixed for this and you can get caste and income certificate by paying from your debit card or net banking. So, read on how to get caste and income certificate through computer or mobile within minutes.

  1. 1.Visit through your mobile or computer
  1. After opening the page, click on the Home option with three lines appearing at the top left.
  2. Now click on the online application that appears and select ‘apply online’. 4.Then click on login through mobile number.
  3. Click on the new request ‘new request’ that appears after logging in. Then comes the options. Select your desired option.
  4. After clicking on caste and income letter enter your ration card number. Fill the information asked there. 7.Select your required member option and then check
  5. If you need the certificate of your choice, click on ‘pay service fee’ shown below. 9.Can download and print after paying online.
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