If you have this form, you will get ₹60,000

Good news from the government; If you have this form, you will get ₹60,000.! Has it arrived in your account yet?



Hello friends, through this article of ours today we are giving you a warm welcome, through this article we are giving information about a topic that will be useful for you all. This time the government has given good news to the farmers. The government has released money to the farmers who work in the fields or have fields. This money has been released by the government. All those who applied for crop insurance compensation have been released and their status has also been released. Based on this status you can check how much compensation you will get and whether your form is correct or not. Read this article till the end to know more about it.




The Prime Minister Fasal Bima Yojana has been implemented to provide compensation for the crops grown by the farmers, under this scheme the farmers are insured by the insurance companies and paid in case of bad decisions. 50,000 to 100,000 government insurance, i.e. compensation is given, under which list is also given. Farmers who have applied should check their name in the list.

Most of India’s population depends on agriculture. That means people depend on agriculture and earn their livelihood from it. Many times the yield is not good, which makes the farmer disappointed, but now they don’t need to. If there is any trouble or damage to their crops, they are fully compensated by the government.




The condition of the farmers is continuously deteriorating as they do not get proper price for their crops. More than that, their crops are ruined. At present the government deposits ₹2000 in the farmer’s account. But this time, the government has given compensation to those who have taken crop insurance, and now the amount of compensation does not need to be seen by the farmers. 50 thousand to 100000 is being compensated.

After getting crop compensation money how to get crop compensation money under crop insurance scheme? Direct link for this is given below, you have to click on it, after clicking you have to click on application status, here you will get information about your crop insurance. You have to enter the receipt number of the application form and click on submit button. As soon as you click on it, how much money has been released to you will open on the screen.